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Do you suffer from freckles?
No, I don't suffer from them. I love them!
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For the folks who kindly allowed me to practice my reading skills, here are your draws!

For truekaia:
Question: None specified
Card: Grandparent
Interpretation: "You have a special bond with a grandmother or grandfather or both, and their love is helping you right now. Take really good care of yourself, do the right thing, and you'll continue to make your grandparent very proud of you in all ways." :)

For amethystclan:
Question: None specified
Card: Brothers and Sisters [I'm so sorry, but I couldn't find or take a photo that did this card justice ;; It's a pair of white unicorns dashing through some waves at night...]]
Interpretation: "To get along with others, see the love - and the best - within them. Your brother, sister or friend really needs your love and understanding right now. You have the power to help everyone get along."
gary numan; blue
"Hey, it's OK...to support gay rights 110 percent, while simultaneously wishing you had the power to turn hot guys who turn out to be gay...straight."

akljsdkjldfkljgjkl ALL OF MY HATE. How is this any different from men thinking that they can wave the magic wand between their legs and turn lipstick lesbians straight? GLAMOUR, U STUPID. :C I could say more, but I won't...just AUGH
gary numan; blue
I swear I'll be nicer than Eridan.

Just leave a comment (don't worry, no one will see) on this entry and I'll get back to you.

What kind of comment? Anything goes, really, if you need help or just want to say hello. I will gladly reply. c:
Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus because I said so.

BTW, anyone who says KISS is overrated will be summarily flogged.
Tholluxth tongue

this is so exciting you have no idea even though I just used the durp Tholluxth icon :'D

I also get to go see some animals, including the monkey they used on the set of Dr. Doolittle. I hope there is at least one capybara otherwise I will be very sad :c

Getting over sickness makes me giddy.
gary numan; blue

Go friend that beeyotch. She wants to troll you. :D

Hopefully I can do a better job at roleplaying trolls than some of the other silly 'sonas on there. Wish me luck ;o;
gary numan; blue
Oh jegus, I laughed like a loon last night.

Basically, Ovation is having a week-long Nutcracker Dance-off in which they play a different interpretation of the Nutcracker every night. Last night I got to see Marcel Bejart's...er...interesting take on it

and I


my butt off~

Basically, the only thing it had to do with the original Nutcracker was the musical score. The choreographer set his life story to the score and it ended up being a lot of interpretive dance with some honestly scary drag queens and half-nekkid man trees (I kid you not).

The dancing cat man was the best part, but I was dying laughing at the half-nekkid man trees and the overgrown French Boy Scouts with no shirts on doing the inchworm across the floor....if you get a chance, look it up on Youtube.

Interpretive dance is the best, I swear. :'D
gary numan; blue
I got a B in Biology and an A in Trig :B I think it just made my holidays~~

Built myself a gingerbread house and rearranged the tree again last night; think I'm starting to recover a little from this cold that's been getting me down for so long. Still feel like a well-flogged dead horse, though, and that just isn't cool, LOL.

8 days until Christmas....and I still have yet to do any shopping :B (too busy mourning over John in the latest update BAWWWW)
gary numan; blue
I must work on them and quit nagging people to make up their minds on what they want. IT'S ALMONDY PARTRIDGES IN LITTLE ICING PEAR TREES FOR THE LOT OF YA.

but seriously they are so cute. LOOK AT THEM:

The pears are Tootsie Rolls under frosting and the partridge is a doughnut under there~

now tell me you don't want a set of your own :'D
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