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Do you suffer from freckles?
No, I don't suffer from them. I love them!
I know women's magazines are dumb, but this...THIS... 
18 Feb
gary numan; blue
"Hey, it's OK...to support gay rights 110 percent, while simultaneously wishing you had the power to turn hot guys who turn out to be gay...straight."

akljsdkjldfkljgjkl ALL OF MY HATE. How is this any different from men thinking that they can wave the magic wand between their legs and turn lipstick lesbians straight? GLAMOUR, U STUPID. :C I could say more, but I won't...just AUGH
19 Feb (UTC)
I do not understand why it is not OK for glamour girls to have dreamsicles.

*Martin Luther King Jr. wags his finger at you from his grave*
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